Bungalow Details

Hibiscus Bungalow #104

Gulf View — King Bedroom

This beautiful and well appointed bungalow has hardwood floors and a full gulf view that is difficult to escape from anywhere you stand in the open room. As with all our beach side bungalows, #104 is nestled directly in the sand. Entering the bungalow from the front door, the bathroom is directly to your left complete with a shower/tub combo. In front of you is a small kitchenette against the wall with mini-fridge, microwave, coffee pot, toaster and all the basics you would expect to find in a kitchen. Past the kitchen is the large king size bed with fresh linens, after which a small table and ceiling fan are just in front of the sliding glass doors leading to the personal, wooden deck overlooking the gulf. This bungalow is known for plenty of light and really stunning views from inside as well as outside on from the deck.


Gulf Front View
King size bed
Hardwood floors
Standard window unit air conditioner
Shower/tub combo
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